Lannan Residency Program

photo of the residency house in Marfa, TX

Photo of Alan HeathcockI would take long bike rides every day to keep my hamstrings from shriveling, and the stark landscape, the passing freight trains, the cracked roads and the thunderstorms all helped me along.  Every day felt like an adventure, in and out of my imagination… I tried and failed to see the Marfa Lights, and failed as well at seeing a javelina.  What I did not fail at, day after day, was the work…I wrote and thought with a clarity I’ve rarely achieved, all while under the roof you provided.
— Alan Heathcock

Photo of John D'AgataI was lucky enough to come to Marfa, Texas, to chase down the poems and stories that have been chasing me through my busy life for the last few years. They were here, waiting for me, outside that giant picture window, in the morning light shifting from black to blue to purple to brown to rust, within the clicking of the bleached yucca bells. The words here are different. They come as regularly as the trains, being pulled from your chest like hallelujah before midnight or hurtling through your head like a blur of metal and graffiti.
— Natalie Diaz

The Lannan Residency Fellowship provides uninterrupted writing time for poets, writers, essayists, translators, scholars, curators, as well as indigenous, environmental and social justice activists.  Residency durations are usually from four to six weeks.

Since the fall of 2000, more than 250 residency fellows have been housed in Lannan properties in Marfa, Texas, a small, beautiful, high desert ranching town in West Texas near the Chinati Mountains to the southwest and the Davis Mountains to the northeast.  Marfa is also home to the internationally known Chinati Foundation, a contemporary art organization founded by the late sculptor, Donald Judd.

Candidates for the residency program are selected through an internal nomination process.  Unsolicited applications are not accepted.