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The Lannan web site is rich with 15 years of audio and video recordings from live events and interviews. Here is a list of all Video recordings on the site, presented in chronological order, with most recently added on top. These and additional recordings are also available on our podcast site. You may subscribe via iTunes and receive the latest episodes as they are released.

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Dave Zirin with David Barsamian 02 April 2014
Trevor Paglen with Rebecca Solnit 19 March 2014
Greg Grandin with Avi Lewis 26 February 2014
George Saunders with Joel Lovell 12 February 2014
Bryan Stevenson with Liliana Segura 15 January 2014
Nothing Personal: The Dark Room Collective Reunion Tour 12 December 2013
Luis Alberto Urrea with Michael Silverblatt 20 November 2013
Jeremy Scahill with Tom Engelhardt 30 October 2013
Jamaica Kincaid with Robert Faggen 16 October 2013
Tim DeChristopher with Terry Tempest Williams 25 September 2013
Leopold Bloom: Sensual Cuckold, Crucified Jew, Heroic Pacifist - Free Event 16 June 2013
Eduardo Galeano with Marie Arana 15 May 2013
David Mitchell with Tom Barbash 24 April 2013
Isabel Wilkerson with John Stauffer 10 April 2013
Russell Banks with Stona Fitch 27 March 2013
Barbara Ehrenreich with David Barsamian 13 March 2013
David Mills performs Dreamweaver: The Works of Langston Hughes 27 February 2013
James Hansen with Subhankar Banerjee 20 February 2013
Omar Barghouti with Amy Goodman 01 February 2013
Hamid Dabashi with David Barsamian 05 December 2012
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