Video Events: Last Name beginning with "S"

Joe Sacco with Chris Hedges 18 May 2011
Benjamin Alire Sáenz with Cecilia Ballí 16 April 2014
George Saunders with Joel Lovell 12 February 2014
John Sayles with Francisco Goldman 18 January 2012
Jeremy Scahill with Tom Engelhardt 30 October 2013
Wallace Shawn 15 December 1999
Wallace Shawn with Michael Silverblatt 15 April 2015
David Shirk with Peter Smith 24 January 2012
Gary Snyder and Wendell Berry with Jack Shoemaker 10 November 1999
Sandra Steingraber with Laura Flanders 07 May 2014
Bryan Stevenson with Liliana Segura 15 January 2014
David Suzuki with Clayton Thomas-Müller 07 November 2012

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