Video Events: Last Name beginning with "M"

Alice McDermott with Michael Silverblatt 22 October 2014
John McPhee with Peter Hessler 10 November 2010
Dinaw Mengestu with Penn Szittya 16 November 2011
W. S. Merwin with Naomi Shihab Nye 18 October 2000
W.S. Merwin with Michael Silverblatt 18 April 2012
China MiƩville with Jord/ana Rosenberg 18 January 2017
Czeslaw Milosz with Helen Vendler 26 March 1998
David Mitchell with Tom Barbash 24 April 2013
Lorrie Moore with Kate Moses 19 January 2011
Eileen Myles with Dan Chiasson 15 February 2017

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