Video Events: Last Name beginning with "H"

Nathalie Handal with Naomi Shihab Nye 24 October 2012
James Hansen with Subhankar Banerjee 20 February 2013
Jim Harrison with Peter Lewis 27 February 2002
Robert Hass with Jorie Graham 22 October 1998
Seamus Heaney with Dennis O'Driscoll 01 October 2003
Leopold Bloom: Sensual Cuckold, Crucified Jew, Heroic Pacifist - Free Event 16 June 2013
Leopold Bloom and his Adulterous Molly: Can this Marriage be Saved? 15 June 2014
Maria Hinojosa with Mary-Charlotte Domandi 06 April 2011
Anthony Ray Hinton with Ben Harmon 10 January 2016
David Mills performs Dreamweaver: The Works of Langston Hughes 27 February 2013

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