Video Events: Last Name beginning with "C"

Anne Carson with Brighde Mullins 21 March 2001
Anne Carson with Michael Silverblatt 26 October 2016
Noam Chomsky with Tariq Ali 26 January 2005
Noam Chomsky with David Barsamian 18 March 2015
Ta-Nehisi Coates with Michele Norris 08 April 2015
J. M. Coetzee with Peter Sacks 08 November 2001
Teju Cole with Amitava Kumar 03 February 2016
Billy Collins with Henry Taylor 26 September 2001
Alfredo Corchado with Melissa del Bosque 17 September 2014
Michael Cunningham with Stacey D'Erasmo 14 November 2001

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