Video Events: Last Name beginning with "B"

Jimmy Santiago Baca with Carolyn Forché 15 September 2010
Andrew Bacevich with David Barsamian 21 April 2010
Andrew Bacevich with Marilyn B. Young 07 December 2016
John Balaban with Michael Silverblatt 06 November 2002
Russell Banks with Stona Fitch 27 March 2013
Omar Barghouti with Amy Goodman 01 February 2013
Maude Barlow with Laura Flanders 17 February 2010
Kevin Barry with Ethan Nosowsky 04 March 2015
John Barth with Michael Silverblatt 21 April 2001
Ann Beattie with Michael Silverblatt 28 March 2012
Phyllis Bennis with David Barsamian 10 April 2012
Mei-mei Berssenbrugge with Arthur Sze 01 April 1999
Max Blumenthal with Amy Goodman 10 October 2014
Charles Bowden with Avi Lewis 15 December 2010

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