Awards and Fellowships

The Lannan Literary Awards and Fellowships were established in 1989 to honor both established and emerging writers whose work is of exceptional quality. The awards recognize writers who have made significant contributions to English-language literature. The fellowships recognize writers of distinctive literary merit who demonstrate potential for continued outstanding work.

Candidates for the awards and fellowships are recommended to the Foundation by a network of writers, literary scholars, publishers, and editors. Nominators are geographically dispersed and serve anonymously. The final determination of recipients is made by the Foundation’s literary committee.

Through its Literary Awards and Fellowships program, the Foundation hopes to stimulate the creation of literature written originally in the English language and to develop a wider audience for contemporary prose and poetry. Additional Foundation literary activities include Grants to nonprofit organizations including small, nonprofit presses with an emphasis on works in translation, and the Lannan Writing Residency in Marfa, Texas. The Foundation also produces a literary reading series, Readings & Conversations in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Applications and nominations for literary awards or fellowships will not be accepted.

Recent Recipients

Kevin Barry, 2016, Current, Award, Fiction
Don Mee Choi, 2016, Current, Fellowship, Poetry
Tyehimba Jess, 2016, Current, Award, Poetry
John Keene, 2016, Current, Award, Fiction
Craig Santos Perez, 2016, Current, Fellowship, Poetry
Solmaz Sharif, 2016, Current, Fellowship, Poetry
Ocean Vuong, 2016, Current, Fellowship, Poetry
Sara Baume, 2015, Current, Fellowship, Fiction
A. Van Jordan, 2015, Current, Award, Poetry
Philip Metres, 2015, Current, Fellowship, Poetry
Mark Nowak, 2015, Current, Fellowship, Poetry
Layli Long Soldier, 2015, Current, Fellowship, Poetry
Steve Erickson, 2014, Award, Lifetime
Mitchell S. Jackson, 2014, Fellowship, Fiction
Adrian Matejka, 2014, Fellowship, Poetry
Jamaal May, 2014, Fellowship, Poetry
Jill McDonough, 2014, Fellowship, Poetry
Claudia Rankine, 2014, Award, Poetry
Joseph Stroud, 2014, Award, Lifetime
Andrew N. Rubin, 2013, Fellowship, Nonfiction
Natalie Diaz, 2012, Fellowship, Poetry
Dennis O’Driscoll, 2012, Award, Poetry
Sherwin Bitsui, 2011, Fellowship, Poetry
Atsuro Riley, 2011, Fellowship, Poetry