Western Shoshone Defense Project, Crescent Valley, NV

photo of mt tenabo in the western shoshone defense projectThe Western Shoshone Defense Project affirms Western Shoshone jurisdiction over Newe Sogobia (traditional Western Shoshone territory) through the protection, preservation, and restoration of Newe rights and responsibilities for present and future generations based upon cultural and spiritual traditions. The project conducts outreach and education on issues affecting the Western Shoshone Nation, including sovereignty rights, land rights, and environmental quality.

The Project maintains an activist/volunteer community in Crescent Valley that supports the Western Shoshones’ struggles for sovereignty and their use of traditional lands. The project is initiating research, development and implementation of an environmental restoration plan for the Western Shoshones’ traditional land use area.

A current activity of the Project is the Mining Action Program, which is working to develop a cumulative impact study documenting cultural and environmental destruction caused by open-pit cyanide heap leach gold mines on Western Shoshone territory.

Learn more at the Western Shoshone Defense Project website. Above photo courtesy of the Project.