Environmental Protection

A solar panelLannan Foundation has made it a priority to support efforts made by local Native communities to protect their lands and water from degradation and destruction.

The foundation has also supported efforts by groups that implement and advocate for alternative, renewable energy systems.

Environmental Justice for Maya Leaders Alliance

Maya leaders in the courtroomThe Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy (IPLP) Program at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law secured a major victory for people in the Maya communities of southern Belize when, on June 28, 2010, the Supreme Court of Belize ruled in their favor.

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O’odham Rights Cultural and Environmental Justice Coalition

protest in sonoytaO’odham Rights was founded by ceremonial and traditional leaders of the O’odham peoples in Mexico and the United States. It was formed in direct response to a proposal by a Mexican company to build a giant commercial hazardous waste landfill near the ceremonial site of Quitovac and O’odham villages on both sides of the border.

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Western Shoshone Defense Project, Crescent Valley, NV

mt tenabo in the western shoshone defense projectThe Western Shoshone Defense Project affirms Western Shoshone jurisdiction over Newe Sogobia (traditional Western Shoshone territory) through the protection, preservation, and restoration of Newe rights and responsibilities for present and future generations based upon cultural and spiritual traditions. The project conducts outreach and education on issues affecting the Western Shoshone Nation, including sovereignty rights, land rights, and environmental quality.

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