Artists: Last Name beginning with "W"

Stella Waitzkin
James F. Walker
Roger Walker Roger Walker began making his drawings over 20 years ago as a way to…
D. Wande
Erika Wanenmacher Erika Wanenmacher is an artist who lives and works in Santa Fe, New…
Lynd Ward
Mary Ann Warner
Jean Watts
Jeff Way
Joanna Weber Joanna Weber is currently the acting curator of the Department of…
Willy Weber
Lawrence Weiner
Lynton Wells
John Wesley
Tom Wesselman
James Westwater
Doug Wheeler
Thom Wheeler
Mary Whisonant
Joseph White
Robert Whitman
Gwen Ellen Widmer
Frederick S. Wight
Chuck Wiley
William T. Wiley
Leslie Wilkes Leslie Wilkes is an American abstract artist who specializes in highly…
Neil Williams
Chris Wilmarth
Robert Wilson
Alice Wingwall
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