Grant Guidelines

Photo of aspen leaves

Grants are awarded to nonprofit organizations only. Please check the list of current and recent past grants in each of the program areas to understand the present interests of the Board of Directors.

The foundation began making grants through its Art Program in 1986 and since that time has supported more than 400 projects by over 200 arts organizations across the country. In order to encourage the creativity of contemporary artists, foster serious discussion of contemporary art, and bring new and sometimes experimental works of art to a wide audience, funding has been provided to organizations for exhibitions, scholarly publications, residency programs, and special projects.

Grant-making activities in the Literary Program aim to increase public appreciation, understanding, and support for contemporary literature in the English language and support the publication and dissemination of works translated into English. Established in 1987, grants are made primarily in support of nonprofit publishers, literary centers, and organizations that bring innovative writers, poets, and thinkers to a wider audience.

The Indigenous Communities Program provides support to Native Americans in their resolve to renew their communities through their own institutions and traditions.  Funding priority is given to rural indigenous-led projects for the revival and preservation of Native languages, legal rights, and environmental protection.

The Cultural Freedom Program supports organizations in recognition of their contribution to cultural diversity and the strengthening of cultural traditions and ties.  These organizations are typically advocates for education reform, environmental justice and protection, social and economic justice, human rights and press and journalistic freedom.  To be most effective, we provide substantial support to a very small number of the myriad of organizations qualifying under these guidelines.